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Yorkshire Terrier Care - Yorkshire Terriers – Health Issue

Yorkshire Terriers – Health Issues Are you thinking of owning a Yorkshire terrier? The purpose of owning a purebred dog, like a Yorkshire terrier is the predictable looks, temperament, and behaviors that they exhibit. The downside, purebred dogs might inherit genetic health issues from the previous generations. The top 5 Yorkshire Terriers – health issues [...]

Yorkshire Terrier Resources - Deciding on the Gender of Your Yorkie

Deciding on the Gender of Your Yorkie When you’re trying to decide on whether to get a male or a female Yorkshire terrier, there are certain things you should consider. If you already have a dog at home, there may be less conflict when introducing a new dog if your Yorkshire terrier is of the [...]

Yorkshire Terrier Resources - The History of the Yorkshire Terrier

The History of the Yorkshire Terrier The history of the Yorkshire terrier only goes back to the middle 1800s. The Yorkshire terrier was bred as a working dog in the Yorkshire area of England by textile workers to catch rats in the mills. This breed has an aggressive nature because of its intended purpose. Yorkies [...]

Yorkshire Terrier Resources - Types of Yorkshire Terriers

Types of Yorkshire Terriers The Yorkshire terrier, a toy breed dog that began in England, has an adult height of eight to ten inches and weighs seven pounds. There are two types of the Yorkshire Terriers: the standard and miniature, also called the Teacup Yorkshire Terrier. Their colors are the typical steel blue and tan. [...]